MArch – RIBA Part 2
Stage 5
3D Printing
Model Making

Tech 5 – Construction Section

The following model was developed as part of the technology component of my stage 5 design 5B. The model is a faithful 1:50 representation of a portion of the final design, showing part of the ground-floor restaurant and first-floor retail units. The development of this model required ultra-high resolution printing capable of printing elements as fine as 0.2mm thick, whilst maintaining legibility and structural integrity. The 3D print was achieved utilising a relatively new method of 3D Printing called Fine Detail material jetting which is a type of Resin 3D Printing.

Design 5B – Master Site Model

The following model was developed as part of my final stage 5 design proposal. The model is a faithful 1:250 representation of the entire proposed urban market and shows both the structural elements which support the monocoque shell structures, which act as retail, restaurant and market enclosures. The model was produced utilising the original 3D model which I produced in Rhino and was printed on my personal Formlabs Form2+ SLA (Resin) 3D Printer. The model was displayed on both the Kent Architecture Graduate end-of-year exhibition and as part our units individual exhibition in York, as part of the York Festival of Ideas, which was sponsored by PDP Architects London.