Brief – The primary concept for my design of the Kent Art’s Campus was to create a single primary complex, which would be divided into three secondary departments: workshop, library and theatre. Due to the sheer size of a single building design I was concerned about how the building would minimize views of the castle wall. To counter this the profile of the building is designed to imitate the profile of the castle wall. And like the wall’s profile is punctured by the castle, my building is punctured by a glass spire which reference the cathedral’s spire.

Themes: Unifying Height

The site for our urban project in Rochester is bordered by 3 impressively large structures. These include the Rochester Cathedral, Rochester Castle Wall and the Castle itself. Each of these structures dominates its surroundings due to its height. Therefore I decided that in order for my proposal to integrate with site, as well as stand out, it was imperative to balance the height of the castle and cathedral spire with a building of equal height. In finding a suitable form for my proposal’s tower I decided that tapering the tower facilitated for a less interruptive intervention, to continue this idea I chose to clad the ‘spire’ in glass in order to emphasize transparency.


Third year

Master Planning