Brief – The site for our first second year module was the Oare Gunpowder Works in Faversham. The site was divided by height, with the lower (wetland) area to be left alone apart from improving accessibility. The above area totaling 700m² was to be the brief’s focus, which required for the designing of extensive landscape interventions, a cantilevered roof structure, a wellness-centre as well as a series of formal and informal gardens.

Themes: Landscape

Due to the brief’s focus on landscaping I decided to design my landscape interventions first and use these as generating elements to inform my building’s design. In doing so I concentrated on optimizing framed views from the building leading onto the formal gardens.

Landscape 2 was my most successful project during my time at Kent, which I scored 85% for the module.

Second year

Master Planning

 Faversham – Oare Gunpowder Works