Jeremy Paton - Urban 1


The concept behind my design of the Kent Art’s Campus was the creation of a single primary complex...

Jeremy Paton Background 2


The primary concept for my design of an education centre was to create a ‘heart space’.

Concept Visualization 1

Concept Visualizations

A collection of concept visualizations produced during third year.

3D Print Header

3D Printed Models

August 1, 2013

Jeremy Adapt and Extend 8

Adapt and Extend

Due to the existing libraries imposing scale I decided that for my extension to express itself it needed to be bold...

Jeremy Paton - Landscape 5

Landscape 2

Due to the brief’s focus on landscaping I decided to design my landscaping interventions first and use these as generating elements...

Caravanserai 5


In this module I was required to design a contemporary Art Gallery and Cafe.

House and Housing

In this first year module we were required to produce an essay and model of a well known house.


This was my final work which I produced for my final year at school. The two side panels feature drawn figures. The work represents themes of identity and concealment.

Whiteness of Absence and the Trace of Presence

This was my first work that I produced for my final year at school. The book is in the format of a Japanese accordion fold book